Welcome to DELHI PRIVATE SCHOOL SHARJAH. Thank you for making our school your first choice for a wonderful educational experience.


DPS Sharjah student community is a potpourri of cultures across the city, state and country and we attract students from various echelons of society.

DPS Sharjah follows the Indian CBSE curriculum, from KG1 to Grade 12, wherein students write a board exam in Grades 10 and 12 conducted by the CBSE.

We are open to accepting students from any curriculum who are dynamic and demonstrate their ability to fit into the school system with ease and not only contribute to the school in a positive way, but also take the initiative to absorb and utilize the facilities to their maximum benefit.

Our academic session starts in the month of April.  We have a robust on-going admission policy which also allows students to enrol in our institution throughout the year, subject to vacancies.


Year Group Equivalency 


The School follows 14 year system with CBSE Curriculum . The table below indicates the equivalent year group as per the Ministry of Education.

KG-I 4 Years as on 31st July 2021 ( According to Sharjah Private Education Authority)
KG-II 5 Years as on 31st July 2021 ( According to SPEA)
Grade I 6 Years as on 31st July 2021 ( According to SPEA)
Grade II to XII As per passed and promoted Transfer Certificate subject to approval from SPEA
  • Our admissions policy also takes into consideration the child's current grade/year
  • Our admissions office is located on the premises of DPS & NDPS Sharjah respectively.
    Tel:+971 - 6 - 5345352
    Fax: +971 - 6 - 5345858
    Email: admission@dpssharjah.com