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S No. Vacancy For Department Post For Subject Qualification Job Min Experience Details
1.  Chemistry[TGT](Apply for the post )  Chemistry  TGT  Chemistry  B.Sc,M.Sc.(CHEMISTRY) with B.Ed (Minimum 3 years U.A.E teaching experience from Grades 9 - 10)  3   Trained Graduate Teacher
2.  Cloud Enginner[PGT](Apply for the post )  Cloud Enginner  PGT  Cloud Safety  CCNA / CCNP certification  3   Cloud Engineer
3.  Economics[PGT](Apply for the post )  Economics  PGT  Economics  B.A,M.A.(ECONOMICS) ,B.Ed. Grade 11&12 UAE teaching experience mandatory.  5   Economics Teacher
4.  English[PRT](Apply for the post )  English  PRT  ENGLISH  BA, MA English, BEd is mandatory.  2   Primary English Teacher
5.  Fine Arts[PRT](Apply for the post )  Fine Arts  PRT  Art  Bachelors in Fine Arts  2   Primary Art Teacher
6.  Fine Arts- Music[PRT](Apply for the post )  Fine Arts- Music  PRT  Music and Dance  BA Music  2-3   Primary Music and Dance Teacher
7.  German Department[TGT](Apply for the post )  German Department  TGT  German  Bachelors in German  2   German Teacher
8.  Humanities[PGT](Apply for the post )  Humanities  PGT  Law  Bachelor and Master in Laws(LLB, LLM) Minimum 4 years U.A.E teaching experience from Grades 11 & 12)  5   Trained Post Graduate Teacher
9.  P.E.[Lifeguard](Apply for the post )  P.E.  Lifeguard  Physical Education  Lifeguard /Deep Pool Certification  2   Trained Female Lifeguard with Lifeguard/Deep Pool Certification
10.  Social Studies[TGT](Apply for the post )  Social Studies  TGT  Geography  B.A.,M.A.,B.Ed. (Min 3 years UAE experience teaching Grade 9 & 10)  3   Trained Post Graduate Teacher
11.  Special Education[TGT](Apply for the post )  Special Education  TGT  Special Education  BA Special Education, BA Social Works  2   Special Educator