On June 25th forty-two students, four teachers and the tour Manager Mr. John, began the journey from Dubai International Airport to JFK Airport New York. The trip proved to be a great success due to the enthusiastic input from the students and the teachers. The purpose of the educational trip was to provide students with practical and theoretical experience of the NASA, where many world’s leading space and aeronautic technologies are researched, developed and implemented. The trip also provided an opportunity for the students to learn and give students a well- rounded foundation upon which to build their knowledge for future careers in this industry. This fantastic opportunity would not have been possible without the generous support of the Principal Ms. Vandana Marwaha.

The itinerary provided a good mix of education and free-time. This allowed the entire group to learn a lot about the NASA and explore the famous landscapes such as Niagara Falls.

After a long flight to New York the team got the opportunity for a brief city tour and then they rested for the rest of the day. The following morning the students had the opportunity of New York City tour and they also visited the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Wall Street and many other iconic buildings in the financial capital of the world. The team was on the ferry- Miss New Jersey heading Liberty Island in New Jersey for yet another unique experience. The team visited the garden of remembrance and took a short walk through the streets of New York to board the bus.

Next destination was “Ground zero” the monument which commemorates those who lost their lives during the 9/11 attack. Later in the afternoon the group set out for Niagara- a long drive through the beautiful countryside. On the way to the Hotel they had a glimpse of the lightened Niagara Falls on Canadian and American side.

The day 3 started with a visit of Niagara Falls and parks. The group entered Niagara Falls Park and were greeted with tall green trees all around. Later they had a tour of the Niagara River on "Maid of the Mist" and even had a close look at the fall. The high rising mist due to the high rise of the waterfall just made it look so mesmerizing. The next stop of the day was the Hershey’s world. The five hours ride was fun filled with songs and games and the beautiful view of the nature was just icing on the cake. Hershey’s World truly looked like a chocolate world. In the Hershey’s world they were greeted with an amazing 4d show. Later they got a life time experience to be a part of an official chocolate tasting session and were also provided with a certificate for being a 'palateer'.

The day 4 was scheduled for the visit the Capital of the United States of America, Washington DC. The group visited many monuments like parliament house, White house, Lincoln monument etc. which are an integral part of US history. The group also had a glance of President Trump and his fleet, as they travelled on the same road as their bus. Later the team headed towards Dulles International Airport, to board their flight to Orlando.

The days 5 to 7 are scheduled for the most important part of the trip NASA camp. Students were fortunate to meet the space Shuttle Astronaut DR. SAM DURRANCE and had interactive session with him.

The students visited the various display areas and had an insight into various types of research programs that are taking place such as Lunar Module, rock sample from the moon, Rocket Garden (where all the used rockets are kept, Vehicle assembly building- where the world's largest US flag was hung and Atlantis first shuttle and it completed 33 missions.

Enthralled by the previous day's experience at the Kennedy Space Centre, all the students were extremely exhilarated to go back and explore the several simulators. At the Space Centre, students were divided into groups of 12 and were also merged with some Mexican students.

Students were briefed about the features of a Spacesuit, the Lander/Rover Simulator, Microgravity Activity, Space shuttle Simulator wherein students got a chance to do both the mission control and travel in the shuttle which was an amazing experience. Then the students had a 'Walk on the Mars' where the look and fell is as if you are on the planet Mars. "Shuttle Launch Experience" was the last simulator in which the students were taken to a different experience altogether. In the simulator they felt as if they were inside the shuttle and were moving towards the space and floating in the space and returning to the Earth.

After completing all the activities at NASA camp, the group visited the International Premium outlets of all the popular brands for shopping.

The day – 8 was scheduled for Disney World. Students enjoyed variety of rides, Parades and fireworks till 9.30 PM.

The last day of the tour was to Universal studio. There are two islands in Universal Studios one was the Universal studios and the other was the island of adventure. The students visited the island of adventure as they were eagerly waiting to experience the most adventurous Rides hulk roller coaster, It's down fall Spiderman 3D ride, Harry Potter 4D ride Jurassic Park Land etc.

Since it was the last day at USA our teachers also organized some cultural programmes for different grades after the dinner. Gr. 9 boys were declared as winners for their outstanding performance. On 4th July morning the group began their return journey after ten days of fun filled educational experience and reached the Dubai International Airport on 5th July, 2018 around 8.00 PM. It was jubilation at the Airport when the happy parents and their wards met after 11 days.