“If the only prayer said in your life was thank you, that would suffice.”

It is indeed true that gratitude is the fruit of soul and this was specially commemorated on September 5, Teacher’s Day as DPS Sharjah celebrated its annual Gratis 2018. Keeping up with the tradition of DPS, Sharjah this day was marked as a day to show gratitude and appreciation to all those who have the best interest of students at heart.

The occasion witnessed happy faces and cheery spirits all around. The ancillary staff were gifted with food boxes, gifts and cards as a token of appreciation for their work in running the events of the school smoothly by the Senior Student Council along with our Principal, and senior teachers

The program commenced in the presence of the respected Principal and Director, Ms. Vandana Marwaha, Head Master Mr. Rajiv, Headmistress Ms. Chitra, Supervisors and the teachers. Ms. Vandana Marwaha in her speech encouraged the teachers and the students alike through her warm and motivating words.

The Students Annual Gratis Awards- SAGA saw its conception on the meritorious occasion of Teacher’s Day. The awards show was packed with exuberant dance and music performances. The show hosted 10 categories of awards for the teachers, 14 categories of awards for the admin staff, not excluding our wonderful ancillary staff and drivers. The Most Popular Teacher Award was the highlight of the day, as it was chosen by the students of the school, and was given to one member from the Primary Wing, Middle School and Senior School. The students of 12th grade held a spectacular show that left the audience enthralled and waiting for more to show their gratitude towards teachers. Everyone’s spirits reached an all time high as the teachers put up performances varying from musical and dance to skits as they stunned everyone with their cultural prowess.

The spectacular show held the audience in awe. All in all, the great day ended in smiles, good will and happy spirits and left the audience enthralled as the show culminated.